WineAnywhere™ Chill-able, Re-fillable Carriers

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The coolest companion to celebrate all your outdoor adventures, with wine. Choice of beautiful bubbly and gorgeous glasses in a uniquely chill-able, re-fillable eco-carrier.
Ideal for picnics in the park, day trips, sundowners, BBQs and living life after lockdown.  
Simply add a few handfuls of ice and the carrier becomes a portable ice bucket. 
The lid flips neatly in to a handy tray for nibbles and secure holder for the glasses. And when the first bottle is finished, just pop in another for the next escape, and the next, and the next...  

ARTISAN PROSECCOBella Modella is a contemporary, carefully-crafted Prosecco, made with grapes grown on sunny, perfectly exposed sites and picked in the early morning to preserve acidity. .
TASTING NOTES: Fine, frothy mousse fizzing with soft, ripe aromas and apply-citrus freshness.  
PRODUCTION: Minimum use of fertiliser or chemicals. Selective trimming of grapes. Temperature-controlled fermentation. Filtration and cooling to avoid malolactic sharpness. 

GRAPES: 100% Glera (NV). Vegan and vegetarian.

75cl, ABV 11%. Cork closure. ORIGIN: DOC Veneto, Italy.

PREMIER CRU CHAMPAGNEThe award-winning house of Pierre Mignon has been making exceptional champagnes for 5 generations. Their vineyards extend throughout the finest terroirs of the region, hence the Premier Cru label.

TASTING NOTES: Beautifully balanced, soft and creamy with a white fruit and light citrus mousse. A divine, discovery champagne.

PRODUCTION: The finesse and purity of this champagne is a result of the family's fastidious attention to detail and loving care for their vines, strict selection of grapes and meticulous settling stage and rigorous control of fermentation.
GRAPES: 10% Chardonnay; 80% Pinot Meunier; 10% Pinot Noir (NV)
75cl, ABV 12%. Cork Closure. ORIGIN: Champagne, France
ORGANIC ENGLISH SPARKLING ROSÉ: Oxney’s complete commitment to organic, naturally better wines has won critical acclaim. Their vines thrive on well-drained sand and silt loam, teeming with the microbial life essential for healthy, naturally disease resistant organic grapes and enriched by compost from local, cattle-grazed meadows. Oxney produces 20% of all the UK’s organic grapes and are Soil Association certified.

TASTING NOTES: Delicately blushing, softly sparkling rosé, alive with clean, fresh fruitiness - wild strawberry, redcurrant and wild apple. An organic summer sensation.

PRODUCTION: The magic happens in a converted GradeII listed oast house kitted out with the latest technology. Oxney is committed to wild ferments, no filtration and minimal sulphur dioxide. Even their biomass heating is fuelled by wood chip from their own coppiced woodland.

GRAPES: Single estate Organic Pinot Noir, Pinot Meunier, Seyval Blanc and Chardonnay (NV).

Organic. Vegan. 75cl, ABV 11%. Cork closure. ORIGIN: East Sussex, England

Every carrier comes complete with either 2 or 4 classic, tulip-shaped glass flutes. Fine enough to feel good in the hand and on the lips, but practical enough to travel out and about to any outdoor chillibration. Dishwasher safe.

CARRIER SIZE: 32cm (H) x 21cm (W) x 21cm (D)

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Create your own in 3 simple steps

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